San Diego Festival Music, Festival Strings


Smokey Robinson Show, orchestra provided by San Diego Festival Music
"Thank you for all you did to ensure a successful show on our recent venture to San Diego. Thank you for providing such quality musicians at the last minute. Everyone was on time and the performances were flawless. We know we can always count on you when we come to San Diego and this show was no exception."
-Rebecca Coons, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Extraordinary Events

The San Diego Cine-phonic Orchestra (The Musical Voice of the Silent Screen)
"I´d like to take this opportunity to again tell you how much I´ve appreciated having you as concert mistress of the orchestra. In my opinion, you are the BEST theatre orchestra violinist in San Diego, bar none, and I´m always delighted when you´re available to work one of our shows (believe me, there is a marked improvement when you are there)!"

"This is a brief, but heartfelt, thank you for all your help and especially your talent, for the music you provided at the TOYOTA events in La Costa and San Diego. We really appreciate how lovely, gracious and easy to work with you were."
-Andrea Michaels, Michaels, Rubin and Associates, Producers of Special Events

"Greetings from San Francisco, enclosed is a tape of one of our San Diego performances…of those three delightful weeks we all spent together in the pit of the Fox Theater. You spoiled me rotten with your refreshingly positive attitude, and I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed an orchestra more."
-Ross, Musical/Conductor, National Tour of "Evita"

"Brava for playing so beautifully at last Sunday´s wedding. For transposing the Sheva B´rachot to "G"! You are the greatest and I love singing with you."
-Sheldon (Merel), Cantor

"We really appreciate how lovely, gracious and easy to work with you were."
-Caty & José

"Thanks for your beautiful talent - your warmth shows in your music."
-Michelle & Andrew